Paphos District Villages and Towns

Paphos has many villages just on its’ outskirts that are popular places for retirement homes, family or holiday homes. We have put together a list of all the villages by location so you can learn more about them.  Location is key when choosing a property and we want to make sure you choose a property in the perfect spot for your lifestyle. Whether you like a quiet and traditional Cypriot village or a larger more bustling village closer to Paphos town this will tell you the highlights and what makes each village special.

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To the north of Paphos, leaving Paphos town the first village you will find is Emba. Continuing on past Emba you will find the popular village of Chloraka with many tavernas and all amenities and properties with great sea views. Past Chloraka, there is Lemba Village, home of the Lemba Art College and then the lovely village of Kissonerga. Until you reach Kissonerga you can access these 3 villages by way of the Tombs of the Kings road in Kato Paphos or from Paphos town. No matter what path you take, you will arrive at the scenic stretch of the Coral Bay road taking you into Coral Bay itself and Peyia.  A little farther along the same stretch leads you into the Sea Caves and Agios Giorgios area – both which have many exclusive and luxurious properties.

To the South of Paphos and past the airport are many of the newer areas of development. The first villages as you exit Paphos (towards the airport) and beyond are Yeroskipou, Koloni, Timi, Anarita, Mandria, Kouklia, Secret Valley, Aphrodite Hills and finally Pissouri.

To the East of Paphos, taking the round-about by the electricty authority are the villages of Konia being the first village as you exit town then, Marathounda, Armou and Episkopi.

To the North East of Paphos following the Polis road (where the industrial area is) there are the villages of Mesa Chorio, Mesogi, Tremithousa, Tala and Kamares village with all of it’s splendid views, Tsada, Koili and Polemi.  About halfway between Paphos and Polis and worth a mention are the quaint villages of Drousia and Kathikas.
We hope this Article will help you decide in which Area of the Paphos District your new Home will be.

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How to sell your home privately

  1. Make your home sellable

    Whether selling property privately or through an agent, a well-maintained, decluttered home will stand out from other properties for sale and create a better impression on buyers. Tend to any repairs and maintenance issues like leaky taps, faulty switches and broken windows. Homes that are well presented and well maintained typically sell faster than those that are not.

  2. Determine the correct selling price for your property

    Pricing your home correctly is crucial when putting your property on the market. A property that is badly priced will take longer to sell than one that offers fair market value. You would need to do your research on asking prices and get to know the local market.

  3. Write a good description and take appealing photos

    Write a description about your home including its features and some neighbourhood details to help entice potential buyers. Photographs are a major factor in catching a potential buyer, so ensure you take good photos from the most appealing angle and in good light.

  4. List the property

    When it comes to listing your property for sale there are benefits to selling your home both through an estate agent or privately. An estate agent will have knowledge of the property market as well as experience with the negotiation process. Selling privately has cost benefits since there is no agent commission and allows you to be in complete control of the selling process. Studies show that over 80% of property searches today begin online, so a good property website like can help make selling privately a stress-free process.

  5. Conduct viewings of your home

    Interested buyers will be in touch to view your home. You can decide whether to host a show day or arrange views by appointments. Private property can help to send out show day notifications to our extensive database of buyers to promote it, and supply show day boards for the outside of your property.

  6. Choose a conveyancing attorney

    As the seller, you will need to choose a conveyancing attorney to handle the legal work to transfer ownership of the property. Attorneys will be able to supply you with the relevant paperwork like an offer to purchase, and with any legal advice that you may require.
    We can assist by putting you in touch with trusted conveyancing attorneys in your area.

  7. Accepting an offer

    Interested buyers will send through an offer to purchase. Your conveyancing attorney will supply you with the offer to purchase document which includes the property description, the purchase price, occupational rent amount and occupation date, special conditions and any other relevant information. If you wish to accept the offer and sign it, then it becomes a legally binding contract and can be submitted to your conveyancing attorney.

  8. Property Transfer

    Your conveyancing attorney will receive the signed offer to purchase, complete a number of tasks, liaise with various parties and lodge the sale documents at the Deeds office. This process can take up to 3 months after which the property will be transferred from your name to the buyers and the conveyancing attorney will ensure you receive the proceeds of the sale.

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Cyprus submitted application to enter Schengen area in September

Cyprus submitted an application to become part of the Schengen area in September, Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides told parliament on Monday.

“The government has submitted the application for security reasons and we are now expecting the European Union to come and start its evaluation process which is divided in five parts,” the Minister also told MPs.

He was presenting the 2020 annual budget for his Ministry before the House Finance Committee and answering questions.

Socialist Edek leader Marinos Sizopoulos was the one who raised the issue of the ongoing defamation of the Cyprus Republic in the press over the granting of passports to people who may face convictions back in their countries of origin.

The Minister said that due to the state of play regarding the green line of the divided island, the government has called on the EU to proceed with the first part of the Schengen application’s evaluation.

“That’s how we can have access to EU inside information so as to strengthen the country’s security in relation to people coming over to Cyprus,” Christodoulide said.

“And then we will look into the remaining issues arising from the green line,” he added.

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Voraussetzungen zur Wohnsitzverlagerung nach Zypern

Die Verlagerung Ihres Wohnsitzes nach Zypern (EU) ist vergleichsweise unproblematisch und in wenigen Wochen lückenlos umsetzbar.
Zur Anmeldung in Zypern benötigen Sie:

  • einen gültigen Reisepass,
  • einen gültigen Mietvertrag zum Nachweis eines Wohndomizils in Zypern (EU),
  • Bestätigung des zyprischen Sozialversicherungsträgers inkl. Sozialversicherungsnummer.

Letztgenannte Voraussetzung erfüllen Sie, indem Sie vorab ein eigenes Unternehmen in Zypern gründen und sich folgend in Ihrem eigenen Unternehmen selbst beschäftigen.

Weitere Vorteile, welche Sie durch diese Vorgehensweise ausschöpfen:

  • Sie erhalten auf diese Weise die für den Non-Dom-Status erforderliche Steuernummer,
  • Sie genießen vollständigen Sozialversicherungsschutz,
  • Ihr monatliches Gehalt können Sie individuell bestimmen,
  • Sie zahlen keine Lohnsteuern auf Arbeitseinkommen bis zu 19.500 Euro pro Jahr.

Selbst wenn Sie sich ein höheres Gehalt als Geschäftsführer zahlen möchten, heben sich die Einkommenssteuersätze auf Zypern wohltuend von den gewohnten heimischen Sätzen ab. Der zyprische Spitzensteuersatz (siehe Tabelle) in der Einkommenssteuer beträgt lediglich 35% für Einkommen ab 60.000 Euro und wird durch den Non-Dom-Status sogar für fünf Jahre auf 17,5% halbiert (für Einkommen ab 100.000 Euro pro Jahr).