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Cyprus Passport By Investment – The Most Lucrative Scheme In Europe

A vital hub placed in the heart of the Mediterranean at the juncture of Africa, Asia, and Europe, Cyprus is culturally rich, diverse and ideally positioned for working & traveling within and beyond the European Union. The financial system is quickly recuperating from a recent recession through considerable activity in the tourism, legal, shipping and financial service departments has also noticed a boost in overseas investments & developments, and property and investment values.

The Cyprus government has developed a “fast-track” citizenship proposal intended at rich individuals, entrepreneurs and investors. This enables the successful applier and his family to earn a Cyprus passport and relish all the advantages of Cyprus & EU National.

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Why Cyprus citizenship by investment program is said to be the most appealing in Europe?

Unlike the Maltese citizenship program which needs a donation of EUR EUR 650,000, there’s no need to make a donation to the local government to achieve Cyprus passport by investment.

Appliers aren’t required to dwell on the island before or throughout the application, or even following the citizenship has been approved, unlike several other EU nations, encompassing Malta, which needs the appliers to physically live in Malta 1 year before filing an application.

Successful appliers get a Cypriot passport inside three to four months of filling out an application – which is by far the quickest route to EU Citizenship.

The advantages of becoming a Cypriot citizen:

No visa is needed to travel inside the EU; in fact, no visa needed for traveling to more than fifty non-EU nations.

Cyprus provides a high living standard with easy access to renowned private schools, medical facilities, etc. Cyprus is also amongst the lowest when it comes to crime ratios within the European Union.

Cyprus is a profitable financial hub because of its exceedingly favorable taxation system & well-planned location at the juncture of 3 continents – Asia, Africa, and Europe. In fact, the taxation structure of Cyprus is voted consistently by European Union tax experts as being the most lucrative in Europe.

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Establishment & free shifting of services – individual residents and their organizations can provide services inside the EU Member States without any obstructions.

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