How to list your Property

To list one or more of your Properties you will need to Register first because Properties are linked to the User.
Look out in your Email Program for the Confirmation Email with your assigned Password.
Once you have received it you can login and list Properties.
On the top of the Website (once logged in ) you click on the SUBMIT Link and fill out all relevant Property Details.
If there are Locations for your Property NOT listed you can leave a Message to the Reviewer asking for the Location to be added.
If there are Property Features NOT listed you can leave a Message to the Reviewer asking for the Feature to be listed.
Once you have finished adding the Property Details please submit and the Admin will review the Listing and it will be available online.

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Why list here?

Post a listing for free, including video and up to 8 Images.
We are publishing yet another Real Estate Website featuring TOP CYPRUS PROPERTIES
All Cyprus Real Estate Agencies are invited to list their Featured Properties.

Details of Property accepted for free Listings are:

  • Property Reference Nr
  • Descriptive Title of the Property
  • Full Description of the Property
  • Property Features (example:Pool, Parking, Built In Kitchen etc.)
  • Type of Property (example:Apartment, Villa, Commercial etc.)
  • Location (Town, Village etc.)
  • Property Status (Sale or Rent)
  • Sale or Rent Price (if Rent specify per Day, Week or Month)
  • Property Size
  • Plot Size
  • Nr of Bedrooms
  • Nr of Bathrooms
  • Nr of Garages
  • 1 Featured Image (min 950px x 650px)
  • Gallery Images (min 770px x 386px)
  • Property Video (optional)
  • Agent Contact Details
  • Any Additional Details

Any Inquiries will come directly to YOU or the AGENCY you linked to the Property.
For Live Listing Examples please refer to the Website at www.zypernimmowelt.com
If you have any additional Queries please contact us via our Contact Form.

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Preferred Picture Sizes

The Featured Image should be at least 950px x 650px

The Gallery Images should have a minimum size of 770px x 386px for right thumbnails and 830px x 460px for bottom thumbnails. Larger size images are automatically cropped. At least 2 images are required to view the gallery.

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